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Hyper Ball Field

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Speed Ball Field
  Woods Field
  Attack & Defend Fort


Paintball is an exciting recreational game and organized sport played year round.  Player uses a paintball marker, powered by CO2 gas or Compressed air, which shoot the paintball ( gelatin capsules filled with water base paint ). Upon contact, the paintballs break open to mark the opponents. the player that is marked by the paint inside the paintball is called out of the game. Most common games are "attack and defend "( one team attacking the Fort and capture it before time expire or the Defend team win ), or 'Capture the Flag" ( capture other team flag from their base and return it to your base ), or "Air ball", or "Speed ball", or "Hyper ball" ( eliminate other team on a bunkers field ). Paintball sport is enjoyed by people from all walks of life. Anyone can be a good player, as strategy and team work, not size, speed or strength. Paintball is perfect for Stress relief, good Exercise, Leadership training, Morale booster, and Fun. Insurance rules limit minimum 10 yrs old for paintball player. Wear loose fitting, long sleeve, dark clothing, high ankle shoe, Insect Repellant.All markers must be in safety mode and with barrel sleeve when outside of authorized shooting areas. Everyone in authorized shooting areas, must wear goggle designed for paintball. Marker must be Chronographed at 280 fps or Less.

Paintball is fun, contact us for booking a private game ( Birthday parties, Family outings, Bachelor parties, Church group, Corporate recreation or Team building activities, etc. ) or come to our walk on games, every SATURDAY & SUNDAY.  

        Low Impact .50 caliber rental marker available.